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Eggrolls Inc, located in Appleton, Wisconsin, focuses on Hmong eggrolls and popular finger food such as: cabbage rolls, lettuce wraps, pho rolls, fresh spring rolls and more. Our goal is to provide these traditional dishes in a healthier way. We use fresh produce prepared daily. Our meat comes from The Meat Block, a fantastic local meat vendor. We wrap all our eggrolls fresh every day. But the most unique aspect about our eggrolls is that we’ve found a unique way to bake them instead of deep frying. They’re super crispy on the outside and yet, moist and delicious inside; similar to the traditional Hmong eggroll, just healthier. Friendly service, healthier food with fresh ingredients and a fantastic quick service atmosphere are what brings our customers back over and over again! Located next to Walmart, by the Fox River Mall in Appleton.

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Healthy Hmong eggrolls and finger food, combined with a fast casual experience, convenient location, quick and friendly service and the result is pure bliss!

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The eggroll is traditionally deep fried and served with a home-made butt kicking hot pepper sauce. With a unique baking process, we kept the extremely mouth-watering deliciousness of the Hmong eggroll and made it healthy so you can eat regularly, guilt free. A fast casual experience, convenient location and quick and friendly service makes Eggrolls Inc destination for your culinary pleasure!

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